Commercial BER
Cork Energy Consultancy provide building energy rating certification for commercial and multi-unit domestic buildings. We also offer advice on the most economical methods of achieving the highest energy rating for your property.

What does a BER entail?

  1. An assessor will visit the property and carry out a survey
  2. The building is modelled in a software package ‘NEAP’ designed to estimate the average energy usage of the building
  3. We produce graphical illustrations of the major sources of energy use and an advisory report outlining the most cost-effective methods of improving the rating
  4. The rating is submitted to SEAI for approval
  5. B.E.R certificate is published for the property
  6. Owner receives certificate and advisory report within 48 hours

Building Regulation Part L Compliance NZEB
All new buildings must demonstrate compliance with building regulations Part L – conservation of fuel and energy in domestic and non-domestic buildings. Our expertise will guide our clients through the most effective route to compliance. We use modelling software allowing us to work with the mandatory SEAI sbem software for commercial buildings, in a manner that allows flexibility in changing design and services, heating and ventilation systems to find the best path to compliance.

We have a wealth of experience negotiating the every changing landscape that has led us to NZeb and the most recent domestic building regulation guidance. Our experience is in multi residential and housing schemes of over 9 units. We have knowledge base to work with all modern heating and cooling systems from groups system to district heat with CHP and heat pumps.

Energy Master Planning
The idea of sustainable energy communities is a bottom up approach, empowering communities to organise and carry out energy improvement projects and renewable energy generation in their area. The energy master plans set out to establish a baseline of energy usage in a community thereby establishing which areas to target to have the greatest effect on reducing the energy usage. They also create a roadmap on how to begin this journey.
Home Performance Index (HPI)
Home Performance Index provides a label for quality sustainable residential development, complementing existing schemes used in the commercial sector such as BREEAM and LEED.

Cork Energy Consultancy is a member of the Irish Green Building Council. We have completed training and are certified to carry HPI certification on housing developments.

The Home Performance Index certification is based on verifiable indicators that are divided into five categories: Environment, Economic, Health and Wellbeing, Quality Assurance and Sustainable Location. It allows several levels of achievement based on good, better and best practice. The award of a certificate is based on the overall attainment across all categories.

Energy Auditing
If you are considering making improvements to your building, getting the correct expert advice is essential. It is important that you target your budget towards the measures that will reap the greatest rewards.

Cork Energy Consultancy will advise you on how best to make improvements and suggest the order in which you should carry them out for the greatest cost effectiveness.

If you are considering fitting solar panels and are hoping to avail of government grant aid, then there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled relating to the size of your dwelling and your minimum hot water requirement. We can offer expert advice on the sizing of your solar panels as to ensure your eligibility for grant payment.
We also offer advice on all the other government grant incentive schemes that are in place. E.g. boiler and heating controls, wall and roof insulation.

Deep Retrofit Design
We provide all BER services around Deep Retrofit Design for the SEAI’s National Home Retrofit Scheme as well as technical assessments for heat pump grants. We will liaise with project coordinators to supply them with a pre works BER and energy audit report, which can be used to make your application to SEAI for funding. After approval and works are carried out, we will carry out a post works survey, sign off on grant paperwork and provide a final Ber cert. We can also provide design assistance to your retrofit project coordinator if required.